Award-Winning Author’s Second Thriller Soars onto Best Seller Lists


When author, Pamela Hegarty, recently launched her second thriller novel, The Emerald Tablet, it rocketed up onto three Amazon best seller lists.

“When a writer releases a novel, we always take an extraordinary leap of faith,” said Hegarty. “Will readers find our book? Will they like it? And, with a thriller that delves into evil plots that threaten the world, will our friends think we’re crazy?”

A leap of faith is a common theme in Hegarty’s books, which combine the intrigue of The Da Vinci Code with the action of Indiana Jones. In The Seventh Stone, her first best-selling page-turner featuring historian Christa Devlin, the action focuses on the quest for an ancient Biblical artifact that may prove God’s existence. In The Emerald Tablet, Christa is trapped between a man who vows to save her future and a lover from her past as they race a ruthless adversary to find the powerful artifact that opens the portal between man and spirit.

“The Emerald Tablet is a very real artifact,” Hegarty said. “It was last seen in the hands of Alexander the Great and translated by history’s most learned scholars, including Isaac Newton. Most people haven’t heard of it, but its precepts formed the foundation of the world’s major religions.”

Inspired in part by Jurassic Park, the novel’s action takes place on a remote island, home to the prototype Dream Resort, where nanobot technology makes what is imagined appear real. Prehistoric animals morph into mythological beasts. Ancient structures, hidden deep in the jungle, protect secrets that will either threaten humankind or usher in a new evolution. And the power of the mind becomes the ultimate weapon.

“I like to think of it as a thrill ride through history,” said Hegarty. “Merlin and dragons, the Greek Minotaur and a mysterious vanished Mesoamerican civilization are looped together by the Emerald Tablet.”

Hegarty has a bit of her heroine Christa’s taste for adventure. She has explored more than forty countries on six continents. She summited Mount Kilimanjaro, backpacked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and was almost eaten by lions in the Serengeti. She has written and contributed to ten travel books and published more than 300 articles in magazines and newspapers.

Find out more at or follow the author on twitter at @pamelahegarty.

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