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Trapped between a man who vows to save her future and a lover from her past, Princeton historian Christa Devlin is thrust into a heart-pounding quest for one of the world’s most dangerous and powerful artifacts. . . the Emerald Tablet. Last seen in the hands of Alexander the Great, the Emerald Tablet can open the portal between life and afterlife, between man and spirit and, Christa hopes, between her and the traumatized mind of her beloved father. Her ruthless adversary will stop at nothing to find the Tablet first and weaponize its power using the mind-controlling nanobot technology at the island’s prototype Dream Resort. Christa races through the jungle-choked island where the imagined becomes real, prehistoric animals morph into nightmarish beasts and love can twist into evil. She must find the Emerald Tablet and solve its ancient puzzle before the world spirals into a catastrophic future and she loses her father forever.

WHY I WROTE IT: What if technology could tap into your inner thoughts and make the imagined become real? Some might develop this as the ultimate amusement ride or, taking it deeper, realize that it’s a portal to our inner soul, a way to strip away physical limitations and discover what truly makes us human. But this concept is as old as humanity. I knew little about the Emerald Tablet before writing this book. The more I learned, the more it emboldened me to weave its history into an action-packed adventure that, I hope, inspires as well as entertains. It’s a thrill ride through history, from Merlin and dragons, to the Greek Minotaur, to a mysterious vanished Mesoamerican civilization, looped together by the Emerald Tablet. Enjoy the ride.



It has the action of Indiana Jones and the history of Dan Brown, but The Seventh Stone takes thriller novels to a new level as it asks the reader, “What do you believe?”

Christa Devlin, a brilliant, young historian, unearths a clue to one of the most powerful artifacts ever lost, the Biblical Breastplate of Aaron.  Within hours, she is fighting a sinister plot to poison the major cities of the world, beginning with New York, and her hometown, Princeton, where her beloved niece and nephew are targeted.  Thrust into a race against time and a deadly adversary, she must puzzle out the locations of seven of the world’s most famous and elusive gemstones, ripped from the Breastplate in the sixteenth century.  A clandestine society of guardians protects the gems, hidden across the globe.

Christa turns to FBI Special Agent Braydon Fox, the Bureau’s Jewelry and Gem team’s most skilled, and strong-willed, detective.  Only her unique genius for history and his courage and experience can untangle the maze of lethal subterranean traps, hostile cults, and shadow governments and find the gems.  But she learns that to survive, and save the lives of thousands, she must confront the terrifying threshold of belief.

The Seventh Stone is a thrill ride through history, from the Biblical sacking of the Temple of Solomon, to the Spanish conquest of the New World, to the potentially catastrophic alliance between the mystical power of the ancients and today’s globalized technology. It is a race to the brink between reality and faith.

WHAT INSPIRED ME TO WRITE THIS BOOK:  The Seventh Stone is the type of thriller I love to read, an action-packed quest not only for a powerful artifact, but for the essence of what makes us who we are. When I was researching and writing The Seventh Stone, the historic facts and “coincidences” were uncanny in how they fit into the story. It had to be told. The Breastplate of Aaron is very real, described in the Old Testament and lost along with its companion piece, the Ark of the Covenant. The Seventh Stone, at its core, is a daring look at what I know and what I believe.


2 comments on “My Books – Buckle up!

  1. I’ve read the Seventh Stone and am currently reading the Emerald Tablet.. What a read! I’ve fallen in love with Brayden. Can’t wait to see if you write another Christa Devlin.


    • Thanks so much! I am writing my third Christa Devlin thriller now. Thanks to your words of encouragement, I’m going to share the title here for the first time ever. The third Christa Devlin thriller will be The Ark: A Thriller. I don’t want to say too much at this point, but Christa embarks on a quest not only to reveal the location of the lost Ark of the Covenant but to solve the mystery of her mother’s murder.


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