My Books – Buckle up!


“Christa has to face her biggest fears and find out how far she will go to find the Emerald Tablet, while remaining the person she is, or will she lose her humanity in the process?”
“It reminded me of Jurassic Park which I loved.”

Brilliant historian Christa Devlin and FBI Agent Braydon Fox journey to a mysterious island to find one of the world’s most dangerous and powerful artifacts–the Emerald Tablet. Once used by Alexander the Great, the Emerald Tablet can open the portal between life and afterlife, between man and spirit and, Christa hopes, between her and the traumatized mind of her beloved father. Their ruthless adversary will stop at nothing to find the Tablet first and weaponize its power using the mind-controlling nanotechnology at the island’s prototype Dream Resort. Christa and Braydon race through the jungle-choked island on a thrill ride through history, from Merlin and dragons, to the Greek Minotaur, to a mysterious pre-Mayan city. They must find the Emerald Tablet and solve its ancient puzzle before the world spirals into a catastrophic future. Fans of Michael Crichton, Inception and Indiana Jones will enjoy this action-packed mind bender.

WHY I WROTE IT: What if technology could tap into your inner thoughts and make the imagined become real? Some might develop this as the ultimate amusement ride or, taking it deeper, realize that it’s a portal to our inner soul, a way to strip away physical limitations and discover what truly makes us human. But this concept is as old as humanity. I knew little about the Emerald Tablet before writing this book. The more I learned, the more it emboldened me to weave its history into an action-packed adventure that, I hope, inspires as well as entertains. Enjoy the ride!



52+ weeks as an International Best Seller; #1 in the UK

“Murder, kidnapping, dark tunnels and scary skinwalkers keeps the story moving at a fast clip.”
 “Thinking person’s thriller – Read it!” 
Christa Devlin, brilliant historian and feisty heroine, races to find seven sacred gems stolen from the Breastplate of Aaron, the companion piece to the Ark of the Covenant. She reluctantly teams up with FBI Agent Braydon Fox to stop a villainous mastermind determined to unleash an ancient poison that leads to madness and death. Christa and Braydon have seven days to find the gems, restore the Breastplate and unlock the secret to the antidote. Fans of Indiana Jones and Dan Brown will enjoy this thriller and its exciting mix of action and history.
WHY I WROTE IT: The Seventh Stone is the type of thriller I love to read, an action-packed quest not only for a powerful artifact, but for the essence of what makes us who we are. If you’re an explorer at heart, come join me on this quest!


2 comments on “My Books – Buckle up!

  1. I’ve read the Seventh Stone and am currently reading the Emerald Tablet.. What a read! I’ve fallen in love with Brayden. Can’t wait to see if you write another Christa Devlin.


    • Thanks so much! I am writing my third Christa Devlin thriller now. Thanks to your words of encouragement, I’m going to share the title here for the first time ever. The third Christa Devlin thriller will be The Ark: A Thriller. I don’t want to say too much at this point, but Christa embarks on a quest not only to reveal the location of the lost Ark of the Covenant but to solve the mystery of her mother’s murder.


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