Top Ten Reasons to Read a Thriller

By Pamela Hegarty

Here are my top ten reasons to read a thriller novel–before the world ends!

10.  The world is supposed to end in 2012.  You want to know how.

9.  And who is going to save us.

8.  Thrillers dominate the bestseller lists.  Yes, it is a conspiracy.

7.  Seven out of ten NY Times bestsellers on this week’s list are written by women.  No, that is not a conspiracy.

7.  You want an escape from depression, drunkenness and dysfunction, not to read about it.

6.  Thrillers make history, religion and politics exciting.

5.  Good battles evil, and wins, usually.

4.  You want to travel to another era, but the time machine hasn’t been invented yet, or has it?

3.  You love figuring out puzzles.

2.  And adventuring in new worlds.

1.  And learning not only about a different time and place, but about yourself.

What kind of hero will you be today?

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